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The world's greatest challenge. Your greatest opportunity.

As a leader in the iron and steel industry, we're embarking on the greatest challenge of our time – driving a global transformation while completely minimising our environmental impact. And we're doing it from one of the most stunning regions on earth.

An unspoiled location where the breathtaking natural beauty provides endless opportunities for exploration and innovation. A place to begin a life of adventure and contribute to something that truly matters.

Welcome to the North. Welcome to LKAB.

Meet LKAB and find out if you are up for the challenge!

Over the next few months, we'll be traveling Europe meeting with young explorers ready to take on the challenge we face across the globe. Get real life experiences from the LKAB team driving our transformation initiatives today! Stay tuned for the next event. Your greatest opportunity is calling.

Kvinna som klättrar utomhus

Anna's top 3 outdoor adventures

A young explorer who accepted the challenge, left her home in Southern Sweden, and went North. Each day she contributes to our global transformation without compromising on her passions.

Anna Hynynen
Age: 25
Title: Exploration Geologist
Location: Gällivare
From: Sweden
Passion: Rock climbing

Are you a born adventurer?

Norrbotten is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities. Enjoy everything from camping in the dramatic forests, to fishing on the many rivers. The snow-covered mountains provide a great setting for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, making it the perfect place for an active lifestyle.

Grupp av människor vid middag.

Alexander's top 3 in the north

Alexander Cooke moved from England to an enriched life amongst the surrounding nature with plenty of outdoor activities and a nice local community. Are you a social explorer? Alexander has got you covered.

Alexander Cooke
Age: 33
Title: Exploration Geologist
Location: Gällivare
From: England
Passion: Mountain biking

There's more to experience beyond the Arctic Circle

Our region has a rich history and a diverse entertainment. The many bars an restaurants offer traditional cuisine and local beers, and all year round you can enjoy various music festivals and events.

Man in a boat fiddling with fishing gear

Going north

When Alexander Cooke made the move from England to Gällivare, the biggest cultural difference was the unofficially mandatory Swedish coffee break “fika” and the open and understanding work culture.

“I’m always drawn to places that are different and Norrbotten seemed special with the wilderness, the long summer days, and the Northern Lights. I like the cozy small-town vibes. You feel at home, like a local.”

"Also, the fika and the warm, relaxed culture are awesome. You don't have that stressful pressure up here."

Everything starts with our people. With their special skills, characteristics, and backgrounds – they are the greatest asset and the solution to upcoming challenges. We believe in giving employees the opportunity to grow and thrive in a healthy career. To create something that matters.

Two people in work clothes studying drill cores

Accepting the challenge

For Anna Hynynen, being part of the LKAB vision which aims to have a big impact on Sweden’s emissions means the world.

“As a geologist, my goal is to preserve our planet for generations to come while still providing us with the resources we need for functional society.”

"It's no secret that the mining industry has a big negative footprint, but in the mines, a positive change can have a large impact. I'm proud of being a part of a company that isn't scared of the challenges ahead."

We’re embarking on the biggest change in LKAB’s 130-year history, and that’s why we need you –courageous, committed, ready and able to take on the world’s greatest challenge. You are the key to making LKAB’s production carbon-free by 2045. Together, we can set a new world standard.

Be part of our greatest challenge

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Learn about life in the north, get info on upcoming roles, and hear more about how we’re taking on the world’s greatest challenge.

Two people with joysticks in front of screens.

Current opportunities

Welcome to one of the most important jobs of the future.

An unmatched opportunity to be part of global change without compromising on living your best life.

Go North and help shape the future of our industry!

Open positions
Woman bathing in frozen lake.

The basics

While our region provides a serene atmosphere, we strive to ensure our employees also benefit from an enriched working environment and culture.

From a competitive salary and wellness programs to flexible working hours and up-skill opportunities, we take care of our team.

Benefits, health, and wellbeing