The world's greatest challenge. Your greatest opportunity.

As a leader in the iron and steel industry, we're embarking on the greatest challenge of our time – driving a global transformation while completely minimising our environmental impact.

Grupp med fyra personer i LKAB-kläder under jord.

Welcome to LKAB

With cutting-edge tech and innovative methods, we lead the transformation of our industry towards a sustainable future. Our iron-making will be carbon-free and we will set a new world standard for mining while supplying Europe with critical raw materials. We're doing it all from a breathtakingly beautiful corner of the world.

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Atif Waheed: Section Manager, Mining Technology North

When choosing a career, Atif was prepared to settle down in the Sahara or Gobi desert. Today, he finds himself in Kiruna, living a vibrant social life, cultivating new friendships, and benefiting from unmatched professional opportunities. Northern Sweden is not only home, but a unique location where he contributes to setting a new standard for mining.

Atif's story
Man in LKAB clothes, with quote in image: “I appreciate our deep-rooted mining culture that attracts individuals from across the globe."

Sofia Lennartsson: Unit Manager, Automation and Power

Get a sneak peek at life in Northern Sweden and the dynamic career prospects at LKAB through Sofia's eyes. Discover what makes Kiruna captivating and the advantages of diving into the sustainable mining and minerals world in Kiruna.

Sofia's story
Woman smiling, with quote in image: "We shape the future at work every day".

Michael Lindman: Business Manager Offshore – LKAB Special Products

Michael thrives with a career where he can make an international impact from one of the most stunning places on earth, while still having an enriched life close to nature.

Michael's Story
Man in kayak, with quote in the image: "It feels good to contribute, be at the forefront, and drive progress."

Hanna Anlér Blomberg: Head of Talent Acquisition

Hanna and her family relocated from Stockholm to a life filled with quality and career opportunities in Luleå. It turned out to be a remarkable decision.

Hanna's Story
Woman outside in winter, with a quote in the image: "What's happening up here in the North is life-changing on a global scale"

Anna Hynynen: LKAB Geologist

Our Geologist Anna Hynynen says being part of the LKAB vision which aims to have a big impact on Sweden’s emissions means the world.

Anna's Story
Woman in safety clothes under ground, with quote in the image: "As a geologist, my goal is to preserve our planet for generations to come while still providing us with the resources we need for functional society."

Alex Cooke: LKAB Geologist

When Alexander Cooke made the move from England to Gällivare, the biggest cultural difference was the open and understanding work culture, and the Swedish "Fika" of course.

Alex's story
Man in high visibility clothes outdoors in winter. With quote in the image: "Working for LKAB, [who are] really investing in a greener future, makes me feel more positive, more excited to work here and just good about what I'm doing."
Vy över fruset fjälllandskap

Accepting the challenge

Everything starts with our people. With their special skills, characteristics, and backgrounds – they are the greatest asset and the solution to upcoming challenges. We believe in giving employees the opportunity to grow and thrive in a healthy career. To create something that matters.

Two people in safety clothes in factory environment.

Welcome to one of the most important jobs of the future.

Join the team

An unmatched opportunity to be part of global change without compromising on living your best life. Go North and help shape the future of our industry!

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The basics

While our region provides a serene atmosphere, we strive to ensure our employees also benefit from an enriched working environment and culture. From a competitive salary and wellness programs to flexible working hours and up-skill opportunities, we take care of our team.