Our organisation

Since LKAB's foundation in 1890, we have developed through unique innovations and technological advancements. Today, we are more than 4500 employees in 12 countries around the world.


Our core operations are carried out in group functions, and our two business areas, Iron Ore and Special Products. This distinction has been made to clearly separate functions connected to the group and the production.

To a large extent, our operations in business area Iron Ore are conducted in north Sweden. For instance, this is where you find both our mines and the related processing plants. Within Special Products, our operations are primarilly focused to Sweden and the United Kingdom, but also in nine additional countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

We also have a number of subsidiaries, which provide various products and services based on, among other things, innovations with a close connection to our group’s core business.

Ownership and management

LKAB’s legal name is Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (publ) and our company registration number is 556001-5835. Our company is wholly owned by the Swedish state, which is represented in our management by the Ministry of Finance. 

Our main decision-making bodies are the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Board of Directors and the CEO. The Board of Directors is appointed by the AGM. The Board in turn appoints a CEO, who oversees the day-to-day administration according to the Board’s guidelines and instructions.

The CEO leads the operations through the CEO staff, and a management team with the directors of our two business areas and other units.

As a state-owned company, our corporate governance is based on Swedish legislation, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code), the state’s ownership policy and internal control documents.

Since LKAB is wholly owned by the state, our governance differs from the regulations contained in the Code.

Learn more about our gorverning documents and exceptions to the code
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Our Annual General Meetings

Protocols from our AGM:s, annual and sustainability reports etc are available (in Swedish) in our document archive.

Our subsidiaries

LKAB has a number of subsidiaries who contributes to the group operations as well as provide products and services to external customers. The main subsidiaries with their own customer base are:

With the exception of LKAB Fastigheter, all the subsidiaries above are organised under business area Special Products.

Besides these companies, we also have subsidiaries like LKAB Malmtrafik, who are reponsible for our harbours and trains, and LKAB Nät, who provides electrical grids administered by Vattenfall.

Frequently asked questions

No, LKAB is fully owned by the Swedish state.
It is held annually, within six months after the end of the financial year and no later than April 30. 
Members of the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament) are entitled to attend the annual meeting. It is also open to the public. 
LKAB complies with a number of governing documents, ranging from Swedish legislation to certificates and our own guidelines. Learn more about our governing documents here.