Going North: A Life and Career with Deeper Meaning

Hanna and her family relocated from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm to a life filled with quality in Northern Sweden. It turned out to be a remarkable decision, both for her career and her overall quality of life.

"We used to live in a two-bedroom apartment in the city with two children, and we yearned for a quieter life with less time spent in traffic jams and more balance in our daily routines."

“Since making the decision to move, everything has been overwhelmingly positive. My career took off, and the overall quality of life has soared. Luleå may be a small town, but it has everything one could need: a vibrant cultural scene, great restaurants, a thriving community, nature experiences, and proximity to work, preschool, and the airport.”

Woman climbing high ropes

A Job with a Higher Purpose

“What's happening up here in the North is world-changing. This is where you should be if you want to make an impact. To have a job where you are truly at the forefront of events, I never thought that would happen when I first moved up here."

"LKAB is leading the transformation of our entire industry toward a sustainable future. We don't just want to change our company; we want to change entire industry."

Kvinna åker skridskor, med Luleå-skylt i bakgrunden

Making the World a Better Place

"When it comes to my role in HR and recruitment, we will need expertise within many different areas. From engineers and geologists to project leaders and strategists and of course supporting functions within everything from sustainability to finance. We must come together in terms of skills to meet the challenges of this transformation – it's a massive and thrilling challenge. It's about our future and the future of generations to come. That's a powerful motivator – making the world a better place.”

Hanna Anlér Blomberg
Age: 37
Title: Head of Talent Acquisition
Location: Luleå
From: Uppsala, Sweden
Passion: Downhill skiing

Hanna's top three with family in Luleå:

Kvinna i klätterutrustning

The nature!

We have the sea right in the city, and we make the most of it both in summer and winter. The proximity to the ice is wonderful. You can spend a whole day there, ice skating and making waffles over the fire. Additionally, we are very close to both forests and ski slopes – it only takes us fifteen minutes to reach the slopes.

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Community life!

Luleå is a sports city with an incredible community life, and there are so many activities for the children to try and participate in – everything from basketball and ice hockey to cross-country skiing and floorball.

Aerial view of Luleå in sunset


Luleå is what they call a 15-minute city. I cycle to work year-round, and it's fantastic – it takes me 7 minutes from door to door. Everything is close by, which makes it so convenient when managing the puzzle of life. Picking up and dropping off the children at daycare is no longer a big task.