Kvinna i gruvmiljö tillsammans med robothund.

Kiruna living and the opportunities within LKAB

Attracted by the proximity to nature, opportunities for career development, and the chance to contribute to a sustainable future, Sofia Lennartsson, Unit Manager of Automation and Power, finds joy in both Kiruna's surroundings and her role at LKAB. Read below as she shares some thoughts on work and life in the north.

Kvinna med hund i fjällmiljö

Sofia Lennartsson
Title: Group Manager for Automation
Location: Kiruna, but I work on all LKAB sites
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Passion: Skiing

 "I have always been a skiing enthusiast, so I really like the closeness to the nature and the fact that I can go skiing after work for a very long season. There are many people here who are drawn to the area's unique and active lifestyle." 

Kvinna leker med hund u fjällmiljö

But it's not just the natural beauty that made her move from Stockholm, but also the professional opportunities within LKAB.

"It is a big company where you have the chance to try different roles which I find very appealing in the early career stages. But also, to work in such early stages with brand-new technology!"

Kvinna i gruvmiljö tillsammans med robothund.

Sofia's passion for challenges is evident as she discusses LKAB's goal of becoming carbon-free by 2045.

"I see it as a great opportunity to learn and develop both on an individual level as well as on an industry level. It is both fun and meaningful to work with sustainability related tasks and technology solutions."

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The main aspect that makes her proud to work for LKAB is the commitment to create a sustainable future.

"LKAB's commitment to becoming carbon-free is commendable. Not only are we striving to achieve this goal internally, but we're also extending our efforts to benefit our customers. Together, we're working towards a carbon-free future."

Top three about Kiruna

Brand-new city!

Kiruna has a brand-new city centre with new hotels, restaurants, and stores, which allows you to enjoy a feeling of city life combined with great outdoor activities.

Två personer vandrar med hund i solsken.

The mountains

Having the opportunity to enjoy the mountains after work or on the weekend without having to wait until vacation.

Kvinna dricker vatten ur bäck.

New friends

Socializing with friends, going to cabins, and having BBQ's outdoors, as well as meeting up in the new city centre.