Sommarbild på kvinna som kliver ur en LKAB-bild med vindkraftverk i bakgrunden.

Anna's top 3 outdoor activities

A young explorer who accepted the challenge, left her home in Southern Sweden, and went North. Each day she contributes to our global transformation without compromising on her passions.

Anna Hynynen
Age: 25
Title: Exploration Geologist
Location: Gällivare
From: Sweden
Passion: Rock climbing

Woman climbing on rock face.
Woman winter bathing.

Stora Sjöfallet

Stora Sjöfallet national park is a hidden treasure. Here you find stunning waterfalls, rivers, mountains and a rich Sámi cultural heritage.

Woman in climbing gear looking out over body of water with snow capped mountains in background.


The adventures in Lofoten are endless. You can climb mountains straight from the fjords, experience the Norwegian culture and try arctic surfing.

Woman with icepick on a frozen lake.

Ice Skating

Close to Tjautjas there’s a wonderful lake where you can ice-skate, make an outdoor meal and have an ice-swimming experience under the northern lights.

Accepting the challenge

For Anna Hynynen, being part of the LKAB vision which aims to have a big impact on Sweden’s emissions means the world.

“As a geologist, my goal is to preserve our planet for generations to come while still providing us with the resources we need for functional society.”

"It's no secret that the mining industry has a big negative footprint, but in the mines, a positive change can have a large impact. I'm proud of being a part of a company that isn't scared of the challenges ahead."