Who we are

Since the start in 1890, north Sweden has been LKAB’s home base. Our identity is rooted in Malmfälten (“the Ore Fields”) – or more specifically in our mines in Kiruna and Gällivare.

Lab at Scunthorpe

We welcome challenges

We are working hard and together towards a sustainable future, without forgetting who we are and where we come from.

We are committed to delivering value to all our customers.
We are innovative spirits who always strive for improvement.
We take reponsibility for building a sustainable future.
People in Hongkong

The world is our workplace

We live and work in countries like Sweden, USA, Norway, UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

Anita Ylivainio at Svappavaara

On a personal level

We might work together as one, but we are also 4,500 individuals with different backgrounds and incentives.

Medarbetare på LKAB

Looking for sustainable people

We will make our industries sustainable. To succeed, we need people and suppliers who want to be part of the solution. 

Gruvstadsparken i Kiruna

Life in our regions

The future is in North Sweden and our other regions, with safe jobs and great life quality.

Gammalt gruvområde i Masugnsbyn. Foto: John-Eric Gustafsson (cc by 4.0)
Sprängning i Kiruna

Once upon a time

LKAB was founded in 1890, but the history of our mines began in 1642 with Lasun Lassi, Axel Oxenstierna and a black stone.