LKAB Kimit

LKAB Kimit is one of Sweden's largest individual explosives manufacturers and accounts for approximately one third of Sweden's total production.

The product Kimulux


Our main product is called Kimulux, an explosive of the highest quality. The product is a CE-marked and water-resistant emulsion explosive. We also sell KP primer, capsule amplifiers, boosters and gassing fluids.

Quality and safety

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee you quality-assured deliveries with safety first. All our products come with complete data for safe handling and use.

About us

LKAB Kimit is a wholly owned subsidiary of LKAB. LKAB Kimit manufactures, stocks and distributes its own emulsion explosives in bulk and packaged form. The company also develops and provides charging vehicles for tunnel and pallet charging. We have a flat organization where diversity is important.