Man i vinterkläder och LKAB-mössa på is

Luleå as a base – the world as a workplace

Michael began his journey at LKAB in 2006. Pursuing an international career came with an unmatched balance of work, family and outdoor life.

Man in kayak from above

"I was raised in Östersund, northern Sweden, and have always wanted to live in a place where I am guaranteed a real winter. I moved to Luleå in 2000 to study, and I immediately liked it. It’s a smaller city but with a familiar atmosphere, yet it offers everything you need."

Two people in high visibility clothing and safety gear.

International opportunities in a meaningful career

"Much of my focus is on driving business development in sustainable green areas where LKAB takes significant social responsibility. It feels good to contribute, be at the forefront, and drive progress. It's part of LKAB's DNA, and after 17+ years in the company, it's deeply ingrained in me".

Michael works as a sales manager, selling iron ore to offshore pipelines and the offshore wind industry. Few are aware of the incredibly wide range of applications for iron ore beyond pure steel production.

"Developing new businesses in this area is very exciting. I am fortunate to be part of a successful company that is local but also on a global stage. To operate in an international market with Luleå as a base, suits me perfectly."

Two people in work clothes in a control room

Our greatest challenge – Michael's greatest opportunity

LKAB is constantly evolving and on a journey into the future. One day is rarely the same as another, and tasks vary from time to time.

"The challenges we face are exciting opportunities for me to further develop. To do so in a responsible work environment alongside wonderful colleagues and great benefits feels amazing."

Michael Lindman
Age: 43
Title: Business Manager Offshore
Location: Luleå
From: Östersund, Sweden
Passion: Skiing and kayaking

Top three in Luleå:

Man and dog outside in winter

15-minute city

There's no commuting distance here, even though I live 20 kilometres miles outside the city, I can get to work within 15 minutes. Everything one needs in daily life is close by. Dropping off kids at school and sports activities never takes up all my time.

A city in development

Luleå is a city in constant development with a strong belief in the future. It's fascinating to see how the city has changed while I’ve lived here. Moreover, northern Sweden is driving the green transition.

Man in kayak


I love the proximity to nature and the diverse wildlife. Luleå is both the city of the sun and snow – you get the best of both summer and winter. It's also close to skiing trails, forests, ski slopes, and the sea – you can get to the archipelago in no time!