Man promenerar över gatan i vinterlandskap

Alex's top 3 in the north

Alexander Cooke moved from England to an enriched life amongst the surrounding nature with plenty of outdoor activities and a nice local community. Are you a social explorer? Alex has got you covered.

Alexander Cooke
Age: 33
Title: Exploration Geologist
Location: Gällivare
From: England
Passion: Mountain biking

Man in winter, studying a drill core
Group of people having dinner

The food

There are some great restaurants in Gällivare. Fat Tony’s makes some of the best burgers in Sweden and Taps & Dundret is a great spot for local beer after skiing.

Group of people sitting around a fire.


There are lots of community fireplaces in some beautiful spots around town. They supply the wood so all you need to bring are your friends and the sausages.

Man sitting at computer in cozy cabin environment.

The community

LKAB has several groups that organise events and fun activities. They also have cabins where you can enjoy the mountains, spot some reindeer, or relax in a Sauna.

Going north

When Alexander Cooke made the move from England to Gällivare, the biggest cultural difference was the unofficially mandatory Swedish coffee break “fika” and the open and understanding work culture.

“I’m always drawn to places that are different and Norrbotten seemed special with the wilderness, the long summer days, and the Northern Lights. I like the cozy small-town vibes. You feel at home, like a local.”

"Also, the fika and the warm, relaxed culture are awesome. You don't have that stressful pressure up here."