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LKAB: A pathway to professional growth and a vibrant social network

Nearly four years ago, Atif made Kiruna home after completing his degree in the Netherlands and kicked off his career at LKAB as a trainee. Now, as Section Manager, he oversees a team dedicated to addressing challenges in mining at greater depths.

"I was ready to move to the Sahara or Gobi desert, but when the opportunity with LKAB arose, I became intrigued since Kiruna is highly developed as a mining town. The transition went smoothly, and I feel fortunate. For me, it's less about the location and more about pursuing what I desire – and I've truly found an engaging career here."

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Besides the career aspect, the social life and the town's atmosphere hold significant importance.

"Everyone says the best thing about northern Sweden is nature, and indeed, it's remarkable, but personally, I appreciate our deep-rooted mining culture that attracts individuals from across the globe. Whether for a career, skiing, or something else, we are all driven here by our passions."  

Regarding LKAB as an employer, Atif values the flat hierarchy and the opportunities for growth and learning. 

"The move has given me work experience that I doubt I would have obtained elsewhere at such an early stage. If you're motivated and driven, you get significant responsibilities early on. There's no rigid hierarchy; your background doesn't matter. Everyone can contribute, and your voice truly matters."

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Atif Waheed

Age: 31
Title: Section Manager, Mining Technology North
Location: Kiruna
From: Swabi, Pakistan
Passion: Other than mining? Painting, socialising, and organising my yearly Halloween party.

Top three about LKAB

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Collaboration in a competent team

I like being in a team where people are better than me, especially when we work collaboratively in an environment that values and listens to every voice.

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Addressing future challenges

It's deeply rooted in LKAB to make the best of every challenge. Few in our industry have the long-term mindset that we have. Our ambitious sustainability goals help us drive change and truly be a frontrunner.

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Embracing the unknown

One of the beauties of mining. We think we have a way that works, but the mountain thinks differently. Each day presents unique challenges that require thoughtful decision-making.

Top three about Kiruna

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Everything for an active lifestyle

Aside from the outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking, we have tennis courts, padel and a lot of great indoor opportunities. 

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It's a big thing! Every year in July, you see everyone you know all getting together the whole weekend for party and fun.


Proximity to Finland and Norway

Hiking and skiing in Norway, and Finland for skiing, singing karaoke and having fun. It's always nice to experience new cultures.