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Your greatest opportunity awaits

We're embarking on the greatest challenge of our time – driving a global transformation while completely minimising our environmental impact. Come embrace the change.

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Investing in you

Go from graduate to senior. Immerse in your current role or change path completely. Increased responsibility and new opportunities are all in your hands! Here, you have every opportunity to take the next step.

If you show that you want something and find something interesting, there are great opportunities to continue exploring it. That’s the best part of my job

Ebba Videll Energy Engineer, Transformation
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Let’s make our production carbon-free by 2045! As we lead the transformation of our industry towards a sustainable future – a new world standard for mining, carbon-free sponge iron, and critical minerals will be key.

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“What's happening up here in the North is world changing. This is where you should be if you want to make an impact.”

– Hanna Anlér Blomberg

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Front and centre in our industry, LKAB mines 85 percent of all iron ore in the EU. We’re driving innovation to lead the way, setting the standard for a sustainable future in mining and mineral extraction.

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Our areas for a better tomorrow:

• A new world standard for mining
• Carbon-free sponge iron
• Critical minerals

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At LKAB, guaranteeing a safe and supportive work environment is our top priority, encompassing both physical and mental well-being. We are dedicated to fostering a workplace where every individual has the right to surroundings that are secure and nurturing.

A genuine culture

“We do not tolerate discrimination in our workplaces, whether based on age, gender, gender identity or expression, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability.” – Code of conduct

“It is almost like when I have a week off, I start missing going to work because it is so much fun. It is a wonderful atmosphere; everyone greets you in the morning. We are like a big happy family.” – Anita Ylivainio, Blaster

Our values

The foundation of everything we do.

We are committed to delivering value to all our customers.
We are innovative spirits who always strive for improvement.
We take responsibility for building a sustainable future.
83 percent

of our employees feel proud to work at LKAB.


is our employee satisfaction index on a four-point scale.


people were hired as new employees in 2022.

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Northern Sweden – our home

Do you want to make an international impact from one of the most stunning places on earth, while still having an enriched life close to nature? Welcome to the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights.

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A global career

But we're not only located in northern Sweden; our 5,200 employees are spread across 12 countries worldwide, from Kiruna to Hong Kong. Many of our positions offer global career opportunities, working with people from across the globe.

Available jobs

Are you looking for an exciting job and want to make a difference on the road towards a sustainable world? Come work with us.