Safety first

It starts with us.

Safety has always been at the forefront of our work at LKAB. The concept safety first began in 1943, and in 2006 we updated it under the title Safety First. Today, we are revising its core principles and implementing them across our team of employees and suppliers. The first step starts with us.

Leading the change in safety

For us at LKAB, ensuring a safe and secure work environment that promotes the health and well-being of all who work within our operations is fundamentally important. 
Everyone who works for us and with us has the full right to work in an environment that is safe and sound. At the same time, each and everyone of us are accountable for work environment management which enable safe conditions.

It starts with me

LKAB's six golden rules

We believe our behaviors are the key to fundamentally creating safe and healthy workplaces, which is why the Golden Rules are a unified approach and guide to how LKAB recommends interaction with one another.

It starts with you

It starts with us

More about safety first

Use the links below to dive deeper into starting a dialogue about Safety First. Reflection exercises and content can be chosen according to the group’s needs and time. If you have any questions or concerns about your presentation, please contact 

Safety first for managers

Safety first for our external suppliers 

When we purchase external services, security is an important aspect in the selection, evaluation and development of suppliers.  

As our supplier, you are involved in our joint work environment management.

Read more about how we work with suppliers here.

What is at the core of Safety first? 

Safety first is both a statement and a framework for LKAB’s health and safety environment in the workplace. Every day, around the clock, we work together with suppliers to ensure safety is put first. Within our health and safety compliance, we have four target areas: Safety, Health, Well-being and Inclusion. Additionally, we have six golden rules – these are the recommended practices we expect from anyone that works with us at LKAB. We also have a shared structure for management of our health and safety in the workplace program.

Guidelines for Safety first