Två personer i hjälm och arbetskläder.

Grow with us – career paths at LKAB

We believe in our employees' abilities and know that they determine whether LKAB will succeed with the transformation. With us, you have every opportunity to develop and take the next step in your career!

Career paths rarely look the same. Our backgrounds and conditions differ and we also have different things that motivate and inspire us. For some it is important to continuously find new challenges or learn new things.

There are several different ways you can develop at LKAB.

Illustration of career paths at LKAB.

Here you can go from graduate to expert and senior, with all that entails in terms of increased responsibility, increased authority – and better pay. You have the option to immerse yourself in your current role, change subject areas but keep similar tasks, change roles within the same subject area, or you can completely change paths.

Geologist today? Why not try working as a rock mechanic? Are you a researcher but want to try something a little more practical, maybe process engineering would suit you? Engineer above ground, within processing? Under ground there are many other possibilities. Economist, but interested in working with purchasing? There is that possibility, too.

For LKAB to succeed, people with many different backgrounds and roles are needed. This means that you, together with your managers and colleagues, can tailor a career path that suits you, regardless of whether you want to be or become a specialist, generalist or leader!

Woman in work clothes and mining helmet outside.

Ebba Videll

After moving from Kiruna to Luleå to study engineering, Ebba never thought she would move back again. But a summer job at LKAB opened her eyes to the possibilities.

Woman in work clothes and mining helmet under ground

Celine Debras

A couple of exchange semesters took Celine Debras from France to Luleå. She was given the chance to do a degree project for LKAB and now, twelve years later, she's still here.