Digital, autonomous and electric – a new world standard for mining

Using new and digital technology, we are revolutionising the mining and minerals industry and transforming it to a sustainable operation. This will be key in the global transformation for a zero-emission future.

Helena Hedblom, Björn Jonsson and Darja Isaksson
Watch the full deep talk above.

This deep talk session was first broadcasted live on February 24, 2022, during the World Exhibition Expo 2020 (postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic). It featured thoght-leaders like Darja Isaksson (director general of Vinnova), Helena Hedblom (CEO of Epiroc), and Nikolaos Petropoulos (senior research engineer at LKAB).

Deep mining on depths of 2,000 meters or lower carries considerable challenges. It resembles the exploration of deep seas or space in its need for technological and innovative solutions that demands new strategic partnerships.

In collaboration with leading industrial partners, we present an exciting glimpse of the future of mining; from robot dogs and underground drones to self-driving electric behemoths conquering new depths and setting a new world standard for mining. 

What are the big challenges when mining to new depths? What does the future mine look like in terms of technology and competence? And, how does the industry co-operate and co-innovate in order to move forward on the journey to a sustainable future?

Watch the full session above to get answers to those questions and more.


Man framför upplyst maskin i underjordsmiljö.

A new world standard

Everything starts in the mine. The same goes for the biggest change in our history.