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A new world standard for sustainable mining

Delving even deeper into the earth, our mission is clear: mine efficiently, safely, and profitably, all while eliminating carbon emissions. We're revolutionising the mining industry by embracing digitalisation, automation, and electrification to set a new global standard for deep mining. By doing this, we are laying the foundations for our transition towards a sustainable future.

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Increasing depths means greater challenges

Complex ore bodies and rock mechanical challenges call for innovative solutions. We're actively developing new mine designs, refined mining methods, and optimal mine planning, laying the foundation for the mine of the future. Our target: carbon-free processes and products by 2045, ensuring safe, efficient, and profitable mining at great depths.

Electric evolution for sustainable operations

The shift towards electrification of vehicles and machines is crucial for achieving our goals. In the last few years, a number of battery-powered vehicles have been tested in our mines. The results? Increased flexibility, reduced emissions, and a better work environment. Collaborative efforts with industry leaders such as Sandvik, Epiroc, ABB, and Combitech drive our development work for the autonomous and digital mine of the future.

Unlocking resources for a sustainable future

We have identified mineral reserves of more than 1 billion tonne and mineral resources of some 4,6 billion tonnes in Svappavaara, Kiruna and Malmberget. And we still don’t see the end of our ore bodies towards the deep. Since we started in 1890, we have mined a little over 2 billion tonnes of iron ore.

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A gradual transformation for the climate

LKAB aims to make all our products and processes carbon-free by 2045 – a gradual transition to production of sponge iron that will reduce carbon emissions from our customers worldwide by 40-50 million tons per year, equivalent to almost the entire annual greenhouse gas emissions of Sweden today.

From mine to port

It all starts in the mine, with the iron ore. Every day we mine approximately 135 000 tonnes of raw ore in our mines, which is processed and then transported, via Malmbanan and our harbours, to all over the world.