McKinsey’s Tomas Naucler inspired by LKAB and northern Sweden

As a leader in sustainability at McKinsey, Tomas Naucler helps many companies improve on a daily basis. Because of this, his views on the green movement in LKAB and northern Sweden was equally interesting and exciting: ”It’s inspiring”.

Tomas Naucler
Watch the full interview with Tomas Naucler, global leader of McKinsey Sustainability.

Tomas Naucler is the global leader of McKinsey Sustainability. During the World Exhibition Expo 2020, he visited our mine in Kiruna for the deep talk Minerals for change – a zero-emission future starts in the mine.

After the session, he was interviewed by LKAB’s own Mikko Viitala on his conclusions based on the panel discussion and his own overall knowledge about the sustainable transformation in the north.

While Tomas is positive about the direction and the speed in which we can move towards net-zero, he is also somewhat concerned about the possible shortage on materials needed. This is an area in which LKAB can play a major role:

“Turning waste into new materials that are critically needed is very exciting to Europe. It’s critical for the industry in Europe, and for LKAB it’s great because it’s creating a new leg for the business.”

Tomas is of course refering to the minerals and rare earth metals we are looking to extract and offer to our customers around the world.

LKAB and northern Sweden are taking the lead and showing the way forward.

Tomas Naucler

Most of all, Naucler comes away impressed by the initiatives at LKAB and in northern Sweden overall:

“The road to net-zero will be very challenging with shortages. You need ambitious companies to lead the way. Here LKAB and northern Sweden are taking the lead, setting the ambition, showing the way forward in a way that no other part of the world is doing at this time,” Naucler said. ”It’s inspiring. This ambition will be perhaps the most important enabler of the net-zero transition on a global level.”

Watch the full interview above for more take-aways from Tomas Naucler of McKinsey.