The world is our workplace

A lot has changed since LKAB was founded back in 1890. While our identity remain rooted in north Sweden, the world has become our workplace and our products have gone global.

People in Hongkong
Hong Kong is one of the cities where LKAB have offices.

It is important to have a look in the history books now and then to remind ourselves about how much has changed and continue changing at LKAB.

Consider for a moment how much has changed in the world around us since LKAB was founded in 1890:

For a company with our long and extensive historical roots, these societal changes have of course had substantial effects to us and our development. And just as the world around us has changed over the years, so have we.

Norway first – then the rest of the world

Our first major international step was the Ofoten railway from Gällivare in Sweden to Narvik in Norway, inaugurated in 1902. It took our operations outside of Sweden and became our main gateway to the rest of the world.

But while it was big, it was also just one of many steps on a much longer journey. While we are still standing strong and rooted in north Sweden, we now have operations in 19 towns and cities in 12 countries. The world has really become our workplace.

Skepp ligger för ankar i Narvik
Most of our iron ore is shipped out from the harbour in Narvik (Norway).

After arriving in Narvik, the most significant international move has been made by our subsidiary LKAB Minerals. It was founded in 1989 as Minelco, selling a fine and dried magnetite, made from the same mineral as some of our iron ore.

The company quickly grew to become truly international. 33 year after its foundation, LKAB Minerals now sells 30 industrial minerals and has 12 offices in 11 countries, employing approximately 400 people.

A new meaning to global

Since 2020, we have taken the lead in the transformation of the iron, steel and minerals industries towards a sustainable future. This brings new meaning to our status as an international corporation and employer.

Flygbild av Malmhamnen i Luleå
The harbour in Luleå will play one of the lead roles in LKAB:s transformation.

As we move towards carbon-free processes and products, we are making it possible for many other businesses to follow suit. Our iron ore and minerals are core ingredients in a several production lines and industries, for example:

These are just a few of the examples where our efforts in sustainability will improve the value chain and help battle climate change around the world. The further we move along in our transformation, the more we will set an international precedence and footprint.

In some ways, we are now moving into the global sustainability industry.

Work with us

We are always on the look-out for more sustainable colleagues to join us in the transformation of industries.