Our values at work

Join LKAB, the innovative mining leader, as we transform the industry while putting sustainability, safety, and cooperation first. These are our values at work.

In 1890, we started our mining operations in northern Sweden. Since then, LKAB have evolved. While we started out as miners in Kiruna and Malmberget, we now run an international mining and minerals group with the world as our workplace. Nonetheless, we never lose track of where we came from – our heart remains in the far north.

The development of LKAB has been made possible by research and technological advancements, as well as our innovative spirit, flexibility, and ability to continuously develop our processes, organisation, and social awareness. This is instrumental as we now endeavour to lead the sustainable transformation of our industry.

When you work with us, you will notice that we are business-oriented and committed to creating value for our customers; from optimising our value-chains to work-safety, equality, transparency, and co-operation. All these are critical success factors to our profitability and continual improvement.

We are curious and inclusive people who welcome challenges.

We are curious and inclusive people who welcome challenges, smart ideas, and initiative. Regardless of who you are and if you are an employee or supplier, we support each other. This entails trust in each other’s abilities, as well as making sure decisions are made at the right level, by the right people with the right goals, roles, and mandates.

Another important aspect of our working environment is safety. We are aware of and respectful of the risks that are involved in our work. It includes considering how we act in all situations and protecting our own personal safety as well as that of others.

Simply put, we are one LKAB and together we make it easy to do the right thing.

Photo: Fredric Alm

It will take all of us, working together, to lead the way towards decarbonisation. An open and safe workplace with a high degree of trust will guide us towards: 

  1. Being positive and innovative,
  2. Staying engaged and responsible,
  3. Facilitating life-long learning and development of our skills and abilities,
  4. Retaining and attracting new, committed colleagues.

This will ultimately lead to success in both the short term and the entire transformation of our business. Over time, we will help develop the necessary conditions for a sustainable future for ourselves, our environment, and the world at large.