LKAB and the climate

Amidst the global challenge of climate-affecting emissions, the iron and steel industry significantly contributes to a quarter of total industrial carbon dioxide emissions. We're committed to leading our industry's transformation, going from being a part of the problem to a crucial part of the solution.

Metals and minerals are indispensable in our pursuit of a greener world. At LKAB, we aim to be one of the most resource and environmentally efficient mining and mineral companies in the world. Recognising our impact on people, the environment, and climate, we’re dedicated to minimising it on a local, regional, and global scale. In the long term, our transformation can contribute to reducing global carbon dioxide emissions by 40-50 million tonnes annually. Here and now, we’re working hard to reduce emissions from our current operations.

we aim to have zero carbon dioxide emissions from our processes and products.
Woman with water sampling equipment outdoors.
Mountain environment with wind mills, with trees in foreground.

Environmental impact and resource utilisation

Our commitment to minimising environmental impact and maximising resource efficiency is at the core of our operations. By 2030, we aim to slash energy consumption by ten percent per finished tonne of product, paralleled by a 25 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from our operations. To achieve this, we’re gradually phasing out fossil fuels, replacing them with renewable energy sources like wind, water, and nuclear power.

Aerial view of lake, surrounded by swamps, mountains and forests.

Critical minerals for a sustainable future

Rare earth elements are essential components in things like wind turbines, electric cars, and everyday electronics, such as mobile phones. Without these metals, we cannot transition to a more sustainable and digitalised society. An integral part of our strategy going forward is the extraction and refining of phosphorus and rare earth elements.

Wooden hut in the middle of a bog.

Preserving biodiversity

Safeguarding biodiversity is paramount. Recognising our operations' impact on valuable natural environments, we acknowledge the need for responsible land use as we evolve. Aligned with Svemin's biodiversity roadmap, CLIMB, our vision is clear: by 2030, contribute to bolstering biodiversity in our operational areas.