Today’s waste becomes tomorrow’s resources

A green transformation is taking place here in Norrbotten, where we at LKAB are planning to turn today's mining waste into important resources. Resources that the whole world needs. And the fact is that this can make Norrbotten a real hub for critical minerals. Right in the middle. Where it all happens. We plan to extract:

Rare earth elements for magnets used in electric vehicles, wind turbines, and electronics.
Phosphorus for mineral fertilisers, critically important for global food production.
Gypsum for the construction of new homes and houses.

The emergence of a new circular industry in Norrbotten

In Luleå, LKAB is now planning for a industrial park for extracting critical minerals.

The centre of events?
It all starts in the mine. More specifically, in our iron ore mine in Gällivare. This is where we plan to turn today’s mine waste and turn it into products that the world needs. The extraction of critical raw materials for our transition will then take place in Luleå.
Renewable energy, electric cars and food?
The raw materials extracted are needed in our society. For example, rare earth elements are used in electric cars and wind turbines, and phosphorus is a key ingredient in mineral fertilisers to give us food on the table.
The magic is born in Norrbotten.
Together, we can help make Europe more self-sufficient, reducing our dependence on distant nations. How cool and important isn’t that?
Fosfor för mineralgödsel


LKAB can increase Europe’s self-sufficiency of critical minerals

LKAB’s extensive exploration work in recent years has yielded results, resulting in increased mineral resources for iron ore, phosphorus and rare earth elements.


Phosphorus from mine waste puts food on the table

Agriculture and mining may be perceived by many as separate industries. But they are actually connected.


Raw materials should be extracted and processed here

Cheap, convenient and far away – with the environmental consequences out of sight. But now that’s going to change. More technology is to be manufactured in the EU.