LKAB launches international recruitment drive in Houten, Netherlands

March 31, 2023

Swedish global mining and minerals group LKAB embarks on its most extensive international recruitment campaign to date at the Emigration Expo in Houten, Netherlands. The company seeks to attract Dutch professionals to new career and life opportunities in Arctic Sweden, fueled by a green industrial boom and a thriving job market in the region.

“As we undergo the most significant transition in our 130-year history, we require the brightest and most dedicated minds to join us. The well-educated, multilingual, and entrepreneurial nature of the Dutch makes the Netherlands the ideal starting point for our global recruitment efforts,” says Åse Juhlin, HR Manager at LKAB, who is attending the Expo in Houten.

Northern Sweden is currently experiencing an unparalleled green industrial surge, with substantial investments flowing into battery production, green steel, and data centers powered by the region’s abundant fossil-free electricity from wind and hydro energy. LKAB, committed to leading the global iron and steel industry towards a fossil-free future, is in the midst of the largest industrial investment ever made in Sweden.

By transitioning from coal to hydrogen, LKAB anticipates that its fossil-free products will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40-50 million tonnes annually for steel manufacturers worldwide. This reduction is equivalent to Sweden’s current emissions. Furthermore, the company is developing innovative technologies to extract strategically valuable minerals, contributing to a more circular value chain in mining and supporting the global shift to fossil-free electricity.

The green industrial boom in this sparsely populated European region is expected to bring 100,000 new inhabitants to meet the demands of industries and growing communities. LKAB’s mission in Houten is twofold: to attract specialized recruits in areas such as geology and chemical processing, while also raising general awareness about the region.

“We offer two advantages: the most important and exciting jobs that will make a real difference in the world, and a high quality of life close to a vast natural wilderness as well as attractive urban centers,” says Åse Juhlin, emphasizing the contrast in population density between the Netherlands and northern Sweden: over 500 per square kilometer compared to just 3.

At the Emigration Expo in Houten, Wesley Overklift, a Dutch citizen who has relocated to Gällivare in Northern Sweden and currently works for LKAB, shares his experience: “Life in northern Sweden is a refreshing change from the crowded Netherlands. I have embraced the incredible nature and outdoor lifestyle, and I am proud to be part of a company that prioritizes sustainability and innovation.”

Joining the Emigration Expo is a multinational team from LKAB including Spot,  an AI-equipped robot dog who will tour Houten as a reprieve from his regular duties securing mines 1,000 meters below ground.

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Wesley Overklift, Strategic Communication Manager at Urban transformation, LKAB

LKAB is a global mining and minerals group, primarily operating in northern Sweden. The company provides sustainable iron ore, minerals, and specialty products to worldwide markets. Established in 1890, LKAB is committed to achieving carbon-free processes and products by 2045, spearheading the transformation of the iron and steel industry.