Flygbild av Malmhamnen i Luleå

Luleå: a hub for iron ore exports and thriving industrial growth

Welcome to Luleå, which hosts our headquarters and an important port for global iron ore distribution. The city is also key in our transformation as we are building a state-of-the-art industrial park for rare earth metals. On top of that, Luleå offers a fantastic quality of life all year round.

Översiktsbild över LKAB:s planerade industripark

Luleå becoming a hotspot for rare earth elements

Rare earth elements to be mined in Kiruna and Gällivare will be processed in Luleå and then shipped to Europe to make us more self-reliant.

Per Wallgren står på en skoter, Luleå stad syns i bakgrunden

Striving for world-class maintenance

In 2013, Per Wallgren arrived in Luleå, some 850 km from home. Here, he excels in harbour maintenance and has the great outdoors at his doorstep.

Jobs in Luleå

These are some of our available jobs in Luleå.

Barnen på Frostmofjället - en föreställning på Norrbottensteatern. Foto: Magnus Stenberg.
Byggnad i vintermiljö

Welcome to the theater

Norrbottensteatern is a regional theater. Their main stage is in Luleå, but they travel and perform in the entire region.