Man i LKAB-kläder arbetar vid maskin

Service and maintenance

Our ambition is to deliver the best mechanical engineering maintenance services in the industry. We are also dedicated to working with knowledge transfer within our team, so we can give you the same level of service, regardless of which member of the team you meet.

We’ll help you with everything from one-off service calls and routine maintenance to larger tasks, such as scheduled maintenance during production down-time periods.  Our motto is that our services shouldn’t really be necessary, which is why we take care of machinery with a long-term focus to guarantee sustainable production.

LKAB Mekaniska’s field crews work on-site at the customer’s premises, assisting with everything from one-off service calls to larger-scale, scheduled maintenance during production down-time periods. We have worked with fans, heating furnaces, slurry tanks, coal-handling systems, off-gas cleaning systems, classifiers and sealed junctions. As part of our service, we conduct risk analyses, suggest improvements and inspect the completed work together with you to share knowledge, explain what we have done and show what can be done to prevent the problem from recurring.


LKAB Mekaniska also has solid experience with advanced hydraulics. Our hydraulics group is a dedicated team that does condition monitoring, consulting and work during scheduled maintenance periods, and helps to develop long-term maintenance plans. We prioritise user-friendliness, tidiness and safety when carrying out our practical work. By choosing the right medium and using advanced technology, we ensure that your hydraulic system functions perfectly and maintains the highest standard.

Our experienced team of technicians and mechanics work with a multitude of various hydraulic components, including cylinders, aggregates, hoses, pneumatic filters, and chute gates, where problems can arise in control systems, assembly or disassembly, leakage and lubrication problems.

Before we begin any assignment, we always perform thorough troubleshooting to gain a clear overview of the current situation and status. This helps us to develop custom solutions with focus on both acute problems and on areas where preventative maintenance can make a real difference.