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We are specialists in the design of small and large components and structures that withstand tough environments in heavy industry. We design and improve machines and components to withstand wear and corrosion, and we always strive to deliver solutions that are sustainable over the long term.

LKAB Mekaniska is not only a design and fabrication partner; we are a problem-solver that takes on the whole project with precision and commitment. We always focus on the best possible, most cost-effective solution for the end customer and we are dedicated to creating real value in each stage of the design process.

Our work encompasses the entire project, from design and construction to repairs and improvements in the efficiency of existing solutions; all with solid expertise and an indepth understanding of our customers’ operations.

We take design and construction to the next level by using advanced 3D programs for scanning, stress computations and dimensioning. We want to create solutions that not only work, but excel and stand the test of time.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also work in stainless steel and we know how to ensure corrosion-resistant solutions with good service features, which guarantees the long technical service life of our products.