Repair and refurbishment

Mechanical repairs must be executed with absolute precision. But our motto is that repairs should seldom be necessary. Therefore, we share our knowledge with the customer in order to deliver maintenance that is sustainable over the long term.

We prefer repair and refurbishment to new production; that’s sustainability from several perspectives. Our services include, among others, repair of fans, heating furnaces, coal-handling systems and off-gas cleaning systems. Other examples of equipment that we repair include mine ventilation systems, pumps, power transfer systems and separators.

Guaranteed function of repaired products in combination with testing of items in our own workshop ensures the quality of our deliveries.

We also carry out inspections and modify machines for better performance. Our team also offers advice on improvements and we inspect the work together with the customer – all in order to prevent costly disruptions in production.

A kilometre under ground in the world’s deepest iron ore mine, or in pelletising plants that operate around the clock – we are at home in demanding environments and are well-versed when it comes to similarly demanding maintenance and repairs.