Tjabba Nordanfjäll drives urban transformation forward

“Community and mining go hand in hand in Kiruna. I help to keep it that way.”

Tjabba Nordanfjäll

The relocation of buildings and preparations for new construction are usually on the agenda of Tjabba Nordanfjäll, senior project manager at the urban transformation unit in Kiruna. In order to succeed with such projects, it is essential to make the project team feel involved and work in the same direction. Communication is vital.

How did you end up at LKAB?
“When the urban transformation projects took off in Kiruna, competence was needed in areas such as GIS and map production. I had that competence and started working as a consultant for LKAB. Then I applied for a job as project manager at LKAB and have worked here since 2011.”

What are your tasks today?
“I lead projects within the urban transformation in Kiruna, mainly in projects such as the relocation of cultural buildings and preparations for new construction. As a project manager, I am there from the start so that everything works, I prepare the documentation, procurement and permits and also make sure that the right people with the right skills are in the right place. I am responsible for ensuring that the projects I manage stay on schedule, that they work as intended and that the budget is kept.”

What’s the best thing about your job?
“The most fun thing is to build a project group. Seeing the group work as intended, with people who are engaged and all pulling in the same direction makes me proud. I am also incredibly happy to be able to participate and drive the urban transformation forward. What we do affects many and means a lot, we ensure the future of mining and develop society as we go along. Community and mining go hand in hand in Kiruna. I help to keep it that way.”

What do you think about working at LKAB?
“I’ve had many different types of jobs, but this is clearly the most fun so far. LKAB takes care of its staff, we have good benefits and I have good employees. I and many others feel a great sense of pride in working at LKAB.”

What challenges do you see?
“It is very much about communication. Getting all members of the project team to work in the same direction. I also need to understand how my projects fit into other projects in the urban transformation, because we are part of a larger whole.”

What does LKAB’s values (Committed, Innovative, Responsible) mean to you?
“To get the project team involved, I have to be committed. For the project to work as intended, I have to be innovative. I am creative as a person and often throw in new ideas to make the next project better, faster or cheaper. As a project manager, responsibility is crucial, but I also demand responsibility from those who are part of my projects so that together we can solve the challenges that arise along the way.”

Where do you see yourself in the future?
“Since I want to be part of the urban transformation, I definitely see that I will continue as a senior project manager in this area. This is perfect for me.”

Facts of life

Name: Tjabba Nordanfjäll
Role: Senior Project Manager at the Urban Transformation Unit.
Lives: Kurravaara, 11 km northeast of Kiruna and 7877 km northwest of Hongkong.
Interests: Cooking, traveling in his camper van, running.
Best Features: Good at engaging and getting a group to work towards the same goal. Good listener. Spreader of joy.
Biggest weakness: Gets angry, but it passes quickly. Impatient.