Next up: Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården in Kiruna moving to Luossavaara mountain

September 20, 2017

On Tuesday September 26, the sixth of of eight heritage buildings will be moved to its new location – the foot of Luossavaara mountain. This time, it is Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården's turn, a designated building of historical significance.

The relocation of heritage buildings from the zone affected by mining to new places in Kiruna continues. Seven buildings are being moved to the foot of Luossavaara Mountain, overlooking the mountain massif and the mine site. In addition, the so-called Länsmansbostaden will be moved to the new urban core, east of the present urban centre.
“Transforming a town is a challenge for everyone involved, not least because of the culture, memories and emotions associated with an old place. The fact is, all values cannot be measured in monetary terms, and we are therefore pleased to be able to combine the old and the new by moving several of the town’s most unique and much-loved buildings,” says Tjabba Nordanfjäll, project manager at LKAB and responsible for relocation of heritage buildings.  

At the foot of Luossavaara about 20,000 square metres has been prepared for the arrival of new tenants. Three of the so-called bläckhornshus buildings, Ingenjörsvillan and Arbetarbostaden B5 have already been moved to this site. These buildings will shortly be joined by Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården, at the new address, Lottens Erikssons gata 34.

“In a sense, the relocation of Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården is the crowning glory of the move. Not only is it a designated building of historical significance, it is a strong symbol for the city and it was the residence of LKAB’s first president, Hjalmar Lundbohm. In other words, Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården is closely associated with Kiruna, LKAB and our shared history,” says Tjabba Nordanfjäll.      

Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården, LKAB’s second building, was constructed in 1895. The following year, Hjalmar Lundbohm moved in, making the building his home and office until his retirement in 1920. The rustic building plays a leading role in many stories about LKAB and Kiruna, whose histories are closely intertwined.

Over the years, several extensions have been added, which makes it difficult to move the building intact. Therefore, it has been dismantled and will be moved in three sections.  

We welcome you to join us on a press tour that follows the route of this historic building. To remember Hjalmar Lundbohm and to mark the end of an era at a time when urban transformation is necessary for continued mining, we are arranging a Move Walk – a walk, together, to accompany the building to its new location.  

We wish you a warm welcome to join us on a press tour according to the following schedule.  

When: 26 September at 08:30 a.m.    

Where: LKAB’s Administration office, Kiirunavaaravägen 1  

The press tour begins at administration office, after which we will follow the building on the journey to its new location. The tour concludes at the Luossavaara and the group will return to LKAB’s administration office.  

As we will be entering a restricted zone, safety clothing will be required. If you wish to join us for the tour, please reply, no later than 24 September, to, so that we can make arrangements for safety equipment.  


08:30 Press tour beginsoutside LKAB’s Administration office. The group will then travel together by bus to the site from which the building will be moved.  

The tour of the site will be guided by representatives from LKAB’s urban transformation department and building relocation contractor PEAB. Opportunities to record the event in sound and images.  

10:00 Relocation and Move Walk begin. Opportunities to record the event in sound and images at a safe distance.  

11:30 The tour of the Luossavaara site will be guided by representatives from LKAB’s urban transformation department and building relocation contractor PEAB. Opportunity will be given for questions and interviews. Coffee and light refreshments will be served.  

13:00 The group will return to LKAB’s administration office.  

We wish you a warm welcome.  

Contact: Josefine Ejemalm, Communications Officer LKAB. Phone: 46 (0) 980 649 10. E-mail:

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