Three Eager Trainees

April 23, 2019
Three young trainees in LKAB clothes
Erik Sjölund, Valeri Petkov och Fred Yang at LKAB´s trainee programme.

LKAB's trainee programme has recommenced after an interval of a couple of years. This year's trainees, Erik Sjölund, Valeri Petkov and Fred Yang, are looking forward to getting to know the business and gaining knowledge along the full length of the chain – from mine to finished product.

The three engineers all have a strong interest in the mining industry, although in different fields. The variety of working areas and how these connect was one of the motivations for applying for a traineeship at LKAB. “I have lived in Narvik for a number of years and see both boats loaded with pellets and the iron ore train every day. This is my chance to gain a deeper insight into what goes on at LKAB before the finished product is shipped to the customer. This will be of benefit to me once I begin working for LKAB Malmtrafik,” says Fred Yang.

Both Valeri and Erik have studied at Luleå University of Technology and say that LKAB is a major part of the culture there, especially among the engineers, meaning that working for LKAB at some point always seemed like an obvious choice. While Valeri’s career has taken him into R&D at GKN Aerospace Sweden in Trollhättan. Erik brings with him experience of a summer working as a systems operator at KK2/KK3 in Kiruna.”Although I have worked for LKAB before, I now have the opportunity to see another side and to create new contacts within the company. I hope that my education and traineeship will allow me to contribute with deeper insight at my future workplace at KK2/KK3,” says Erik Sjölund.

The content of the trainee programme is decided in collaboration with the organisation; however, evaluations of previous years is also taken into account. The traineeship should be meaningful both to the trainees themselves and their supervisors, who are also their future managers.”We want the time spent as a trainee to offer a good insight into LKAB’s operations. That said, it should also provide a clear transition to the position the individual will be taking up at the end of the programme. Our trainees are an important addition to the workforce,” says Lisa Rapp, HR business partner and manager of the trainee programme.

It goes without saying that our new trainees are committed to LKAB’s core values – Committed, Innovative and Responsible. “For me, responsibility means doing a good job during the training programme but also afterwards, as a maintenance engineer in the Kiruna mine. By being engaged committed and innovative, together we can achieve LKAB’s goals. These values are our common ground and a necessity for developing the company,” says Valeri Petkov.