As LKAB invests, our regions also need to grow

January 2, 2023

We are leading the largest industrial transformation in modern times, an investment that not only plays a decisive role for the climate, but also for jobs and development in Norrbotten. That will require more people moving to our region if the labour force is to be sufficient.  

Två personer värmer sig vid brasa

“The demand for labour is already high and even if our great need for personnel is still a few years ahead, we must start increasing awareness of LKAB, the green transition and what our towns have to offer. It will not be enough with the people who live in Norrbotten today, we must reach out both nationally and internationally if we are to succeed with our recruitments going forward”, says Maria Reinholdsson, HR director at LKAB.

Maria Reinholdsson started at LKAB in May 2022. She most recently came from the role of HR director at Telenor, and also has a background at Vattenfall. Now she will take on the challenge of securing competence when LKAB changes.

”It is a fantastic company with proud traditions and a successful history that has also taken a huge step forward, by turning the greatest challenge of our time into its greatest opportunity. That LKAB is now leading the transition towards a sustainable future means that we not only take responsibility for our own future, but also for the future of our children. It’s huge and something that I really think many people would like to be a part of”, explains Maria Reinholdsson.

What does the LKAB employee of the future look like?

”First of all, we need people who are genuinely curious and enjoy exploring the unknown, where we don’t have all the answers. When you put on the leader’s shirt, as we have done, it’s about constantly breaking new ground and trying new and better ways. What we are going to do is create a new world standard in mining, carbon dioxide-free processing and extraction of critical minerals”.

And as for more formal skills?

”It is about a fairly broad need. The most important thing we have is our current employees, and we need to invest in those skills and those people even more. As far as the formal competence is concerned, it is about a large variety of different competences ranging from very specialised and qualified services to generalists. Examples of some specialist skills we will need are engineers and other senior specialists in process, maintenance, rock mechanics and mine planning, energy, hydrogen chemistry, climate and environment”.

How will LKAB become more attractive?

”In many ways, I believe that LKAB is one of Sweden’s most exciting companies to work for. We just need to reach out a little better with who we are, what we do and where we are going. To succeed in this, all of us who work at LKAB are important ambassadors”.