Flygbild över Svappavaara by och industriområde

Svappavaara: State-of-the-art mining and cozy village life meet

Familiar. Team-focused. Solution-oriented. Innovative. In Svappavaara, we currently extract iron ore in the open-pit mine of Leveäniemi. This is the very birthplace of the industry in our region, with mining starting as early as the 17th century. In the 1960s, LKAB resumed mining, establishing the world's most modern mining operation at that time. Despite, or thanks to, being a small village, there is an active, strong, local community here.

Meet Paulina Koskenniemi, who, in her role as a process engineer, is striving to find the solutions of the future to today’s problems. For her, moving to the village of Skaulo became a way to fulfill her dreams of being close to nature, wildlife, and enjoying a real sense of community. And then there’s Anders Fors, a plant operator who, through his job, enjoys perfect conditions to fully indulge in hunting, fishing, outdoor life, and nature.
Anita Ylivainio at Svappavaara

“Blasting is so cool, you really get to see the results!”

Anita Ylivainio traded a job in retail for one as a blaster in Svappavaara, and she feels right at home there – largely thanks to the atmosphere.

Jobs in Svappavaara

Here are some of our available openings in Svappavaara.