Helena Hedblom: ”With the people at LKAB we will succeed!”

Epiroc have decided to transform their entire vehicle fleet into battery electric technology by 2030 – they’re at the forefront of electrifying mining equipment and an invaluable partner in our project to set a new world standard for mining.

Woman in mining helmet with tv-studio in background.
Watch the full interview with Helena Hedblom.

Helena Hedblom is CEO of Epiroc and took part in our Deep talk “Digital, autonomous and electric – setting a new world standard for mining”.

Afterwards, she joined us for a quick chat.

”I think what is so clear is the commitment here from LKAB and of course from all the partners involved in this project to really set a new standard, a world-class standard, for mining. And I think with that mindset, and with the competence and the people at LKAB, we will be successful. So that’s great to see!”

Together we’re putting Sweden at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and, of course, Epiroc wants to be part of this

Helena Hedblom

The development of new sustainable technology in all sectors and industries is moving really quickly at the moment. In order to be able to compete and keep up the pace, working together is a must according to Helena Hedblom:

”I truly believe that partnership is the new leadership – partnerships between different industry verticals and companies, but also together with customers. We have a lot of partnerships across the globe and I really think that is the way to push boundaries and to co-create!”