Darja Isaksson: “The commitment to the transformation is fantastic”

As the Director General of Vinnova, Darja Isaksson’s job is to increase Sweden’s capacity for innovation. In this interview, she shared some conclusions after a deep talk on the future of digitalisation and mining.

Darja Isaksson
Watch the full interview with Darja Isaksson, Director General of Vinnova.

As the director general of Vinnova, board member of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, and former member of the National Innovation Council, few people know more about the state of innovation and digitalisation in general and Sweden specifically than Darja Isaksson.

During our events in conjunction with Expo 2020 in Dubai, she participated in the panel discussion and deep talk Digital, autonomous and electric – setting a new world standard for mining. Darja came away impressed after the talk and the visit in the mine.

”We have a leadership in industry here, really committed to driving transformation to a sustainable society. It’s fantastic to see all the innovation work and the commitment to the task.”, she summarised.

Swedish industry understands that future demand lies in solutions to global challenges.

Darja Isaksson

The Swedish innovation system has a solid reputation, ranking second in the Global Innovation Index 2021, first in the European Innovation Scoreboard 2021, always being well-represented in rankings of business incubators etcetera.

”Swedish industries have a long history of innovating and by that staying globally competitive. What’s happening right now is also that they are all understanding that future demand lies in solutions to the global challenges.”, Darja Isaksson says.

Watch the interview above, or learn more on how digitalisation will be key in the transformation towards a new world standard in mining and a sustainable future in the full deep talk from Expo 2020.