LKAB Nät conducts electricity network operations in a limited area within central parts of Kiruna and Malmberget. The business holds a network concession for an area with facility number 100Z in Kiruna and 506O in Malmberget.

Foto: G. Rúnar Gudmundsson

Vattenfall is responsible for the operation, maintenance, renewal and expansion of area 100Z, as well as the administration and customer service of area 100Z and area 506O.

When the production sites were built around the mining operations 100 years ago, it was LKAB that electrified them. The network has previously been part of LKAB’s operations. When the legislation on electricity production, distribution and sales was amended in 1997, LKAB was granted the concession rights to the current concession areas in Kiruna and Malmberget.

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