Something for everyone

Beautiful nature, fantastic food, fascinating history: we have a large and versatile business, as reflected in our locations around the world. All unique, with their special charm. Below are just a little of everything they have to offer.

View of mountain in winter

Dundret in Gällivare

In Gällivare, we have the mountain in the middle of town: hiking, biking and skiing just a few minutes away, or why not take the car all the way to the top for a waffle in the midnight sun?

View of mountains, with train in foreground

The colours of Kiruna

Experience the midnight sun and top spots for Northern Lights. From the pink-blue polar winter to vibrant autumn hues, Sami tradition celebrates eight unique seasons, each adorned with its distinct colors and light.

Plate of roe lying on ice

Eat well in Luleå

Luleå has a thriving food culture. Here we have local delicacies, many of them characterised by the sea and the archipelago, White Guide restaurants and world-class street food.


Stockholm's pulse

One of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Stockholm has everything for the culture enthusiast, whether you're craving a concert, art exhibition or just want to hang out in a café or a bar.

Person standing in the front of a boat, looking out over the water.

The outdoors of Narvik

Climbing, hiking, biking and kayaking. High mountains and mighty fjords. In Narvik, there are almost endless possibilities for those interested in the outdoors.

Old factory building

The industry of Derby

In Derbyshire you can visit the world's first factory system, Cromford Mills, the old Magpie Mine and, not least, the Museum of Making, dedicated to Derbyshire's rich industrial history, on the site of what is considered the world's first modern factory.

Field in evening sun

The green of North Lincolnshire

The area around Scunthorpe is a British idyll. Here you will find good fishing, hiking and cycling in large park areas. Do you like golf? Holme Hall, Messingham Grange, Normanby Hall and Lincolnshire Golf Course are all in the middle of or just outside the city.

Mill in built up surroundings.

The culture of North Brabant

Vincent van Gogh was born in Zundert, a slightly longer stone's throw, from Moerdijk. Everywhere in the region you can follow in the artist's footsteps, through museums, bike routes, monuments and art courses.