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The WRC system

Our patented WRC system consists of a screw with a conical head that forms a virtually flush surface with the plate.

WRC System® stands for Wear Resistant Cone System. This is our patented fixture system for wear plate.

The basic principle is a screw with a conical head that creates a flush, virtually homogeneous surface with the wear plate, which enables even wear on the plate, without the countersinking and surface irregularities that normally lead to localized wear on the plate.

The choice of cutting technology and material prevents the screw from rotating in the hole, for easier tightening on the nut end. The service life of the wear plate is extended with the WRC System®; wear is more uniform and service intervals can be planned more precisely. That means savings in terms of both expense and the environment, for us and for the customer.

The technology is ideal for trucks, excavators and other vehicles with wear plates. We have developed three different types of screws: allthread screws with loose heads, sleeve screws and standard screws.

Bolt on grey background
WRC Standard: The original WRC screw is designed to be tightened from the nut end.
Bolt and nut
WRC Sleeve screw: The patented sleeve screw, which consists of a screw with a loose conical sleeve, is the best solution when the screw is to be tightened from the wearing end (screw end).
Screw and head on grey background
WRC Allthread: An allthread screw with a loose head is the best alternative when extra-long screws are required. The conical head with internal threading is used in combination with a common allthread rod in the desired length. The WRC allthread screw is designed to be tightened from the nut end.

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