Iron ore and minerals in everyday life

Everything starts in the mine. With the iron ore as our starting point, we have developed a wide range of innovative technologies, products and services that many people nowadays take for granted in their everyday lives.

Kvinna cyklar efter grusväg i solsken
Most people know that iron ore is a raw material used to make everyday items like bikes, but our products can also be found in other less obvious places.

Minerals like iron ore are all around you. They play a crucial role in your life several times a day, often in situations when it probably seems obvious.

For example, it’s a given that the steel produced from iron ore is found in certain structures and infrastructure – in the bridges you cross the river on, the train and rails that take you down south, the bike you ride to work, the stroller that carries your daughter to nursery school, and the buildings you live and work in.

But the iron ore and minerals we produce can also be found in many other contexts – some far less intuitive. It may be because you did not know we sell these materials, but most of us don’t know which raw materials make-up our everyday objects. For example, did you know there’s an average of 62 metals in the average smartphone?

Människa i fören på en båt, tittar ut mot vattnet
Did you know that our mineral range can make boat paint less corrosive?

Our subsidiary LKAB Minerals develops and sells raw materials that are used in many different contexts that affect your everyday life:

Several of the products we will start producing in our transformation will also be used in similar fashion. As mentioned above, the phosphorus we plan to extract from mining waste could be used in fertilisers and replace Europe’s total import of the same material from Russia.

Barn med surfplatta
Rare earth metals are used in mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Photo: Robert Nyholm

Rare earth elements on the other hand are important in the manufacturing of everything from mobile phones and computer screens to electric cars, with the added bonus that it too could make Europe more self-proficient in the value chain.

In other words, starting with our own deposits and some external sources, we manufacture a number of raw materials found in a variety of products in our everyday life. This includes our core product, the iron ore pellet, as the demand for it will remain significant as an enabler in the steel industry’s transition.

This means that as we at LKAB lead the transformation of our industry to a more sustainable future, we are also enabling others to follow suit. The transformation of industries like steel, construction, agriculture, food, automotive, and tech all rely on what we bring to the table. And everything starts in the mine.