Mine meets town

April 13, 2015

On March 9, the decommissioning of Ullspiran 2 and 4 started. As part of the long-term urban transformation that is now commencing in Kiruna, these will be the first two properties to be deconstructed.

LKAB’s continued mining operation and growth are dependent on successive relocation of parts of central Kiruna and Malmberget. In consultation with municipal authorities and a large number of stakeholders, we are working to ensure that this is accomplished safely, securely and with optimism for the future of the two communities. Our ambition is that development should take precedence over deconstruction. Together, we are building attractive communities for today and tomorrow where people can live and thrive.

“Creating new communities is a challenge for all of the stakeholders; the residents, the municipalities, landowners, public administrations, LKAB and others. It is important that we have an open dialogue with all who are affected by our operations. Attractive new communities are being created in a spirit of mutual understanding and collaboration,” says Stefan Hämäläinen, LKAB’s manager for urban transformation.

As Ullspiran is deconstructed, a park will be created between the mine and the settlement area, When it is fully developed, the so-called Gruvstadspark, which will serve as a greenspace transition zone between the town and the mine site, will be open to the public. Since it will be some time before the area is affected by subsidence, existing features including street lighting, roads and a playground will be incorporated into the park area. In addition, fittings from the buildings, such as household appliances, windows and doors, will be recovered and re-used.

“LKAB is striving to redevelop the area as carefully and sustainably as possible. As much as 96 percent of the demolition debris will be re-used to create attractive landscape features such as gabions,” says Maria-Theresé Edlert, project manager, LKAB.

Deconstruction of the area is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2015.

LKAB welcomes members of the press to participate in a tour of the mine and site visit at Ullspiran.

When: April 22 at 08.00 CET

Where: LKAB’s Administration office, Kiirunavaaravägen 1

The press tour will begin with a visit to LKAB’s new main haulage level KUJ 1365 (Kiruna underground, 1,365 meters below zeroing level), which was opened in 2013. The tour will conclude in the residential area of Ullspiran, where deconstruction is ongoing.

As we will be entering a restricted zone, safety clothing will be required.


08.00 Press tour beginsoutside LKAB’s Administration office. The group will then travel together by bus down to KUJ 1365.

The KUJ 1365 tour will be hosted by representatives from LKAB’s mining and logistics department. Opportunity will be given for questions and interviews.

11.00 Lunch will be served in the underground restaurant.

11.45 The tour group proceeds to Ullspiran.

The tour of Ullspiran, the area to be deconstructed, will be hosted by representatives from LKAB’s department for urban transformation. Opportunity will be given for questions and interviews.

14.30 The tour concludes.


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