Supplier handbook updated due to new requirements for diesel-powered vehicles underground

September 29, 2022

As of August 21, 2023, new and stricter work environment requirements apply for CO, NO, and NO2 underground. The decision was made by the EU Commission in 2017, but Sweden received a dispensation to apply a transition period for diesel vehicles in mines and rock tunnels. That period is now closing on its end.

Because of this LKAB requires that all diesel machines, including passenger vehicles, utilized underground have to meet the following requirements:

All tenders and procurements must include a list of machines with type, year model, and exhaust gas classification. For machines that do not meet the above, a plan for their replacement in order to meet the above requirements before August 21 2023 must also be attached.

During the transition period, all machines must at least meet Euro 5 for road use, as well as EU stage 3B for construction machines.

In case of questions and concerns, contact your LKAB contact person for more information.

You can find the updated Supplier handbook via our supplier page