Prohibition list updated to Checklist for chemicals

December 15, 2022

To reduce the use of products that are hazardous to health and the environment, LKAB imposes requirements on the documentation from external suppliers who supply and use chemicals within LKAB.

Previously it has been handled partially via the prohibition list for chemicals. To facilitate the review work of external suppliers and to improve the control from LKAB, that list has now been exchanged and updated to a checklist for chemicals. The checklist can be accessed via LKAB’s external document archive.

The suppliers are responsible for reviewing and selecting suitable products. They are also responsible for risk-assessing the products before work begins and must submit a completed checklist and list of chemicals to their contact person at LKAB. The updated routine will be featured in the upcoming revision of the Supplier’s Handbook, which is accessed via the external website. The checklist is also available in Swedish.