Monika Sammelin – “Fe of the Year”

March 8, 2023

The "40 over 40" list was established in 2022 to mark the achievements of women in the mining and steel industries and to acknowledge the professional experience these women contribute. Each year, from this list, a "Fe of the Year" is selected. The distinction is awarded to a woman in recognition of the contributions she has made during her career. This year's "Fe of the Year" has been awarded to LKAB's area manager in Malmberget, Monika Sammelin. Congratulations, Monika!

Bild på kvinna i halvfigur, Monika Sammelin
Photo: Mikael Martinsson

“I am proud and pleased to have received this award. If I can help others to see the opportunities the mining industry has to offer and thereby increase the number of women in the industry, I feel even more motivated to go to work each day,” says Monika Sammelin.

An ongoing equality effort is essential
“Work to promote equality must continue if we are to remain an attractive industry for all. For us at LKAB, it is perhaps more important than ever, now that we are taking the lead in the transformation of the mining industry towards a sustainable future. Retaining and attracting competent co-workers is decisive,” adds Monika Sammelin.

The green transition has already begun
Monika has held several different positions at LKAB, having worked, in among other capacities, as a processing manager and geologist, and she is now in her third year as area manager for the Malmberget operation. The green transition will be perhaps most evident in Malmberget, mainly because of the new facilities that will be built on the industrial site, where preparations have been under way for several years.

“There are many challenges, not least in terms of the need for electricity, long-drawn permitting processes and the fact that we need to develop new technologies and working methods, while the mine and processing plants must at the same time continue to produce safely and efficiently. In times of change it is especially important to have leaders who build trust and relationships. Here, with my leadership skills, I think I can be a role model,” says Monika Sammelin.

Kvinna med blommor och diplom - Årets Fe 2023
Photo: Gustaf Andersson.

Nomination – citation
Right at the epicentre of the green transition and new industrialisation of Sweden, the Fe of the Year 2023 is a confident, pragmatic leader. With both feet firmly planted in the ore, she is leading the way, both now and in the future and leads the way with her infectious energy. She creates a true team spirit and a clear direction for the goals that should and will be achieved. Under the leadership of  Fe of the Year 2023, the business has achieved fantastic results with production records – while always keeping safety in focus.

In her leadership, the Fe of the Year 2023 manages the ongoing mining and processing production while driving the massive efforts required by the climate transition. With a wealth of experience, Fe of the Year 2023 plays a central role not only in the development of the region but also in creating the conditions for green steel, indeed for the entire green value chains that start in the mine.

“Fe of the Year”, from the “40 over 40” list
In the periodic table Fe is the symbol for the chemical element iron. Behind the “40 over 40” list and the award are the Swedish Association of Industrial Employers, industry organisations Jernkontoret and Svemin, as well as the networks Metallkvinnor and Women in Mining Sweden. Nominations are open for all, the criteria being that nominees are women over 40 years of age who are active in the mining and steel industries. From the “40 over 40” list the “Fe of the Year” is selected by a jury with representatives from the mining and steel industries, and the award is presented on International Women’s Day, on March 8th.

Two other LKAB women are also on the “40 over 40” list: Linda Bjurholt, CEO, LKAB Malmtrafik and Pia Lindström, Senior Vice President, Sustainability LKAB.