LKAB’s measures with respect to COVID-19

March 17, 2020

LKAB is carefully following developments and recommendations from government agencies in each country and region, and taking decisions accordingly. We have announced a so-called crisis management situation. Briefly, this means that group management meets each morning and can take decisions rapidly on the basis of new information.

Within LKAB we work according to two parallel principles:

  1. We will assume our social responsibility by ensuring that we can continue to operate while at the same time taking action to slow the spread of the virus. In doing so, we will reduce the burden on health care while continuing to make a socio-economic contribution via continued production.
  2. Protect individuals who risk becoming seriously ill by ensuring that they are not exposed to infection; here, individual risk assessment and individual actions apply. Good hand hygiene is crucial and applies to all. 

LKAB revises recommendations on an ongoing basis. Making an effort to slow the spread of infection and thereby alleviate the burden on the healthcare system is an important component of our social responsibly. 

LKAB recommends that suppliers/contractors stay updated on the situation by following reports from public authorities in their respective countries and regions. Suppliers/contractors can also direct questions concerning local conditions and requirements to their local contact person or contact