LKAB invests close to SEK 1 billion to meet the challenges on the Iron Ore Line

April 20, 2024

For LKAB the Iron Ore Line is an integral part of the production system that starts in the mine, goes via the railway and ports and ends with steel and mineral customers. High capacity and availability both on the Iron Ore Line and for rolling stock in the form of locomotives and rail cars are business-critical.

LKAB has ongoing investments totalling close to SEK 1 billion for increasing capacity and flexibility to meet the growing challenges on the Iron Ore Line. The investments primarily include the establishment of a new locomotive workshop in Kiruna, a decision to acquire parts of Duroc Rail – an engineering company with specialist expertise in wheel maintenance for locomotives and rail cars, as well as 100 new rail cars and modernisation of the IORE locomotives used on the Iron Ore Line.

The partnership with Duroc Rail aims to ensure that the company, which has unique expertise in wheel maintenance for locomotives and rail cars, remains and develops in Luleå. The acquisition was completed in early 2024 and also involves LKAB investing up to MSEK 200 in the construction of new industrial premises for the business. With a planned move-in by 2025, Duroc Rail will be one of the first companies to establish itself on the industrial park in Luleå – which will grow into a centre for green transformation.


LKAB is an international mining and minerals group that offers sustainable iron ore, minerals and special products. We are committed to developing carbon-free processes and products by 2045, leading the transformation of the iron and steel industry. Since 1890 we have developed through unique innovations and technological solutions and are driven forward by almost 5,200 employees in 12 countries. In 2023, the LKAB group had sales of about SEK 43 billion. 

Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

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