Contacts regarding sustainability and environment

At LKAB, we work with sustainability and environmental issues on several fronts. If you have general questions, please our main telephone number or email us and we will direct you to the right person.

Environmental issues

For questions or comments about our work with the environment, please contact a communications officer or an environmental engineer at the relevant location. Outside of office hours, contact our mines or ports on the phone numbers below.

Contact persons

Our mines

Två personer i vintermiljö lyfter timmerstockar
Provtagning vid Rakkuri

Our work for the environment

We continuously take preventive measures, organise consultations, and monitor our own work and report to the authorities.

Sustainability policy

Our sustainability policy states how we, and our suppliers, should work for a long-term sustainable business where we take responsibility throughout the value chain and thereby strengthen our contribution to social development, people and the environment.