Suspected breaches

Anyone can report suspected criminal activity, unethical behaviour or other violations, as well as situations that threaten life and health in the context of LKAB's operations.

Those of us who work at LKAB are obliged to comply with Swedish law as well as internal and external guidelines, which are contained in our governance documents, among other things. It is important for us at LKAB to be aware of violations within the scope of our activities so that we can remedy behaviour, working methods and events that could harm LKAB, our partners, suppliers and employees.

For example, if you are a supplier and have a specific contact person, please contact them in the first instance, or one of our purchasing, environmental, finance or legal departments.

If you are aware of situations where our employees are engaging in criminal activity, acting unethically or otherwise violating our Code of Conduct, Swedish law or international guidelines, you can also use the SpeakUp whistleblowing system to report this. More information on this below.

This also applies if you identify situations where life and health may be at stake. If the risk is acute, the first thing to do is to contact your immediate manager or contact person, the guard at the industrial site or our switchboard as soon as you can.


If the usual contact channels are not sufficient for you to report crimes, infringements or unsafe situations, LKAB also provides, in accordance with international guidelines, the possibility of anonymous reporting. In this case, you can use the SpeakUp whistleblowing system.

You can either submit a report via a web site or a phone. If you are an employee of LKAB, there are specific numbers and addresses, that you can find on our intranet.

The following phone numbers, codes and web links should be used by the general public, partners, suppliers, and other external parties. Note that all information is country specific.







The Netherlands


United Kingdom