LKAB Academy Foundation

Through the LKAB Academy Foundation, schools in Gällivare, Kiruna and Narvik can apply for funding for educational development projects and activities that strengthen children and young people's interest in technology, mathematics and science.

In order for the projects to be qualified for support, they need to aim at competence development for teachers and students and promote the overall development in the schools.

Children and education administrations as well as preschools and schools in Kiruna, Gällivare and Narvik can apply for grants for overall projects and educational initiatives. In the applications, the students must, as far as possible, have been involved in the idea to which the application applies.

The applications shall not be used for ordinary activities but refer to the development or expansion of the activities that already exist. Sponsorship to associations and companies is not covered by the LKAB Academy Foundation. As LKAB is one of the sponsors of the Young Enterprise activities in Norrbotten, individual Young Enterprise companies cannot obtain sponsorship from the LKAB Academy.

Colleagues who collaborate
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Apply for funding

Before being submitted to LKAB, all applications must have been approved internally within the school/pre-school by the applicant’s immediate superior. Student initiatives must be approved by a teacher, teacher initiatives by the headteacher, management initiatives by the school leader.

The following must be included in an application to the LKAB Academy

  1. Activity description – What is going to be done? Clear, measurable activities.
  2. Purpose – Why this activity?
  3. Goal – What is to be achieved?
  4. Participating target group – Number of children/students, number of teachers/educational staff, number of others.
  5. Costs – Clear indication of what the funds being applied for are going to be used for – specified.
  6. Start/stop – Timeframes
  7. Feedback – How can more people share in this activity? How can participants share their experience with others?
  8. Student participation – How have the students participated in developing the proposal?
  9. Alternative solutions – What can be done differently to achieve the same goals?
  10. Responsible – Who is responsible for implementation and following-up/continuation?
  11. Project name – The application must include a brief product name that will follow the application at every stage.

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