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Mining and rock work

We love rock. Backed by longstanding experience and with efficiency in focus, we drive more than 5,000 metres of tunnels and drifts annually under challenging conditions.

Our co-workers specialise in creating safe, secure and reliable concepts – sustainable, quality-concious and custom-made.​​ We carry out most of the blasting and haulage work in the underground iron ore mines of Malmfälten, the orefields of northern Sweden, and the open-pit dolomite mine in Masugnsbyn, outside of Kiruna.

The Kiruna mine, in the orefields of northern Sweden, is not only the world’s deepest iron ore mine; it is also one of the world’s most complex underground infrastructure projects. Here, we also carry out rockwork using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to produce one of the most important raw materials for the green transition – the iron ore that will become carbon-dioxide-neutral steel.

Rockwork is challenging and we have the utmost respect for the unpredictability of the material – in underground and open-pit mines and in quarries. In all rockwork, under all circumstances, human safety must be the top priority. We have the main responsibility for rock reinforcement, including bolting, netting, cable bolting and shotcreting in LKAB’s mines. We also deliver these services to Zinkgruvan, near Askersund.