Man i varselkläder med grus i handen


Aggregate can be used in driveways, roads, in railway beds or in asphalt manufacturing. We deliver crushed quality waste rock to projects large and small.

To support continued global growth and meet the needs of a growing population, more iron ore and other mineral resources must be extracted. But, naturally, we make use of valuable by-products.

Large-scale mining always yields residual material. This material is sometimes depositioned or landfilled and is never utilised. LKAB’s mines generate huge quantities of waste rock, which is also called barren rock, and the natural quality of this product is excellent.

We crush waste rock to a range of different fractions. Our gravel and ballast is used in concrete production, but also in driveways, in railway projects and, for example, as a more finely ground material, in applications such as surfacing in equestrian arenas. Macadam, crushed stone, can also be used for drainage or as a capillary barrier layer under concrete slabs. The application areas are almost innumerable.