Procurements – FAQ

1. Email
If a purchaser has added you to the mailing list for a sourcing event you will receive an invitation by email. You can then open the event directly from the email.
See the video clip above (starting at 0.50 min) for step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

2. Public Events
In a similar way to how you could find current procurements via a link from the LKAB website, you can still access public sourcing events in our new Coupa Supplier Portal.
See the video clip above (starting at 4.11 min) for step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

3. User account
In order to response to a sourcing event, you must have a user account.
If you have been invited to a sourcing event, or if you have made a response earlier, you will see a table with all sourcing events you have access to when you log in. Click on a specific event to view the details. Above the table, you will see the most recent sourcing events for which you have received an invitation.
See the video clip above (starting at 5.36 min) for step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.
Expand the item to see additional fields (for example, description) to enter details.
Depending on the time you need to fill in your responses, your browser might time out.
To avoid losing your responses, enter them offline by using the exported .csv file and
import the file back into the event.

If you decide to fill in your responses online, make sure you save your changes
When an event organizer invites you to participate in an event, you receive an email
that contains a link to the event and contact information for questions about the event
or technical issues. See “How do I participate in a Sourcing Event” below for more info.

After accessing the event, you can communicate with the event organizer through the
Message Center on the bottom left.

Also, if you reply to the original email invite, your email is sent to the event organizer.
As a supplier, you can find out if your response was submitted from:
– The flash message that indicates if the respones went through.
– The history at the bottom of the event page that indicates the total amount, response name and the time the response was submitted.
1. Receive an email from the buying organization inviting you to participate in a sourcing event.

2. Follow the instructions in the email to go to the event.

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

4. Click on the activated Enter Response button at the bottom of the page to view
details of the event.

5. Click on the My Response tab.
Depending on the event, you can see one or more of the following sections:
– Attachments: Files you receive from the buyer or you send back. Note! Coupa Sourcing does not support .zip or .exe files for security reasons.
– Questionnaires: Questions that the buyer needs you to answer.
– Items and Lots: Pricing section.

6. You have the following options to respond:
– Export to Excel: Exports the questionnaires and the items and lots into Excel
where you can fill in your response.
– Import from Excel: Uploads your response to Excel.
– Save: Saves your response, but it does not submit it to the buyer.
– Submit Response to Buyer: Submits your response. You can change your response before
timeout, and re-submit.

7. After submitting your response, the “Response submitted to Buyer” notification is
displayed on a green bar for approximately 5-10 seconds.

8. To double-check if your response was received, check the History at the bottom of
the page.
No. But you will get emails with requests to take part in sourcing events where a purchaser has added you to the list of potential suppliers.
Do not add a price if you do not want to participate in an event. However, if the field for
the price is marked mandatory, you have to add a price.
When you receive an invitation to a follow-on event, you can respond from the
notification. Select either I intend to Participate to notify the Buyer you will participate
later, or View Event to go to the event page and enter your responses. The notification
will also indicate the original event.

On the event page, you can review the follow-on event information. Under the Event
Follow-On Information section is a link to the original event. To participate in the followon event, select I intend to participate in this event and accept the Terms and

Once you select Send to Event Owner, you can select Enter Response below the
Timeline section to view the Buyer Attachments, Forms, Material Qs, and Items and
Lots for the event. Your response from the previous event is automatically carried over
as a draft.

You can edit your previous response and submit.
For supported browsers, see the documentation for the relevant Coupa release.
Coupa Sourcing works best with Google Chrome.
Ask the buyer to disqualify your incorrect bid. When the buyer disqualifies your bid, you
can see a notification dialog.

Note! The buyer can disqualify only your most recent bid.

If your new bid is less than 50% of your previous bid, you receive a warning dialog:
“Your current bid is 50% or better than your previous bid. Are you sure you want to
submit this bid?”
If the event owner/creator has made changes to the event, you need to accept changes
before you can submit your bid. The checkbox to accept changes is above the Submit
If a buyer is changing an event, the event closes for editing. If you want to view the
event, you can see the following notifications:

“Event is being edited
This event is closed while the organizer makes changes to it. We’ll notify you when the event starts up again.”

When the buyer finishes making changes and submits the event, a new revision of the
event is created and you receive an email notification.

Clicking on the View Event button directs you to the revised event.
When you access the event, you have to accept the changes made by the buyer while
entering your response. If you want to upload your response to the revised event using
Excel, you have to export the Excel file and import it back with your response.
Export to Excel, enter your response, and import the file. This helps you enter your
responses offline.

Note! If the event is closed for editing, the originally downloaded file cannot be
uploaded and you have to download the file from the revised event.
The file size limit is 250 MB per upload.
The recommended number of attachments is 20 – 40.
You receive emails periodically reminding you that an event is about to end.
If you haven’t submitted your response, you need to respond within the last day of the
event. If you have responded, ignore the reminder emails.
The complete FAQ document can be found here.