Sourcing and suppliers – FAQ

Here are some of the more basic questions and answers regarding sourcing and suppliers. If you have further questions, contact your nearest manager or LKAB-representative.

Questions and answers

Here, among our Documents and instructions, there are information about fuel filling stations, farmers, environmental protection measures and safety data sheets for heating oil and diesel. There are also forms for applying for a fueling tag and fueling authorisation.
Here, among our Documents and instructions, there are information about applying for parking permits for our industrial areas.
Here, among our Documents and instructions, there are evacuation maps, information about escape routes and rescue chambers for our underground mines in Kiruna and Malmberget.
You can learn more about our expectations and requirements in our code of conduct and handbook for suppliers. When you enter a procurement process, you also need to approve to the basic or enhanced requirements as stated in that specific process.
In Documents and instructions, you can find further instructions for our suppliers.
All suppliers are assessed on the basis of specific criteria. Based on our risk assessment, suppliers are selected and subsequently required to make a self-assessment. LKAB also visit suppliers to conduct audits, as well as other follow-ups.
If you are already a supplier, please contact your purchaser. Alternatively, contact LKAB’s department for sustainability, or send an email to
In order to carry out work operations within LKAB, all suppliers are required to comply with legal requirements and applicable regulations according to Arbetsmiljöverket and LKAB’s regulations. Our rules for working environment and safety applies to LKAB’s staff as well as suppliers.
The supplier company itself and its management is always responsible for its staff’s working environment, even when work is performed within LKAB’s industrial areas.
Representatives from LKAB who order jobs from suplliers must see to that all personnel that work within our industry area are not exposed to risks caused by the general conditions on the plant or other ongoing projects.
Read the Supplier handbook to get the most current information on what is expected from you and your colleagues.

Further questions

Have you read our FAQ and looked through our other handbooks, codes and instructions? Please go ahead and reach out to us directly if you have any further questions.