Björn Koorem new President of LKAB Berg & Betong

December 22, 2016

As of February 1 2017, Björn Koorem will be President of LKAB Berg & Betong AB, a subsidiary group wholly own by LKAB. Among other things, the group provides contracting services in rock reinforcement and drifting, produces and delivers concrete and blasting agents, processes and hauls waste rock and minerals, and provides engineering, construction and maintenance services for LKAB and external customers.

“Björn has a solid and longstanding background in areas which are relevant for the LKAB Berg & Betong group and he has managed major projects. I look forward to welcoming him to the company. His experience will contribute to the development of operations within LKAB Berg & Betong,” says Åsa Sundqvist, Operational Support and Business Development, LKAB, of which LKAB Berg & Betong is a subsidiary.

Most recently, Björn Koorem has served as general manager of Boliden Aitik but, among other things, he has previously also been responsible for construction work in LKAB’s underground mine in Malmberget and has also managed the Malmberget mine. 

“I have great respect and admiration for the people and expertise of LKAB Berg & Betong. I have had longstanding relations with LKAB Berg & Betong, formerly KGS, ever since the early ’90s, at that time as a customer who used KGS and LKAB KIMIT’s products and services. I am impressed by the way in which LKAB Berg & Betong’s range of products and services can be so well adapted to different concepts to meet varying demands. Rockwork, crushing, concrete, blasting agents and mechanical resources; the alternatives and combinations are many,” says Björn Koorem.

LKAB Berg & Betong in brief

LKAB Berg & Betong, together with subsidiaries LKAB Mekaniska and LKAB Kimit, is a leading group that provides full-service solutions for the mining and construction industries. The group employs about 200 people. LKAB Berg & Betong is responsible for concrete manufacture, crushing and processing of waste rock and mineral products, and various rock reinforcement and drilling and blasting services underground and at surface level. Operations are concentrated in the orefields of northern Sweden, but the market region includes all of Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. Our largest customer is our owner, LKAB.

LKAB is an international high-tech minerals group that mines and upgrades the unique iron ore of northern Sweden for the global steel market. Sustainability is core to our business and our ambition is to be one of the industry’s most innovative, resource-efficientand responsible companies. The group had sales of more than SEK 16 billion in 2015 and employs about 4,500 people in 13 countries. Other group business include industrial minerals, drilling systems, rail transport, rockwork services and property management.